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Dear Reader, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I won’t be posting any more this year, as I have some work I need to finish before going on holidays. … Continue reading

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3 Accounts of Euro-Zone Crisis Management

If you are interested in EU integration and if you’ve been following the Euro-Zone crisis for the last 5 years, then last  week would have definitely registered the publication of the following blog post by Peter Spiegel on the FT’s Brussels … Continue reading

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Italian Debt, Mutual Insurance, Fiscal Federalism and Fiscal Rules – Brugel blog posts

As I mentioned earlier, in a very delayed reaction to a comment on European blogging, I’ve decided to start looking around at what other bloggers write and comment on it, while hopefully not neglecting to come up with my own … Continue reading

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Looking around

Two and a half years ago now, more or less, Bruegel published an interesting and inaugural blog post by Jérémie Cohen-Setton, Martin Kessler and Shahin Vallée titled “Europeans can’t blog”. Following a post from Ronny Patz, their point was that European bloggers … Continue reading

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Oh! …and this started happening 25 years ago

The Fall of the Berlin Wall! Here’s a nice video with the images I remember, even though my family had not relocated to France at the time yet. Memory can play funny tricks on you. I think I remember it … Continue reading

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