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No Early Elections in Germany… But Almost?

In the Summer of 2011 I stuck my neck out and “predicted” early elections in Germany, ahead of the scheduled September 2013 deadline. I was wrong. However, and probably as a consolation gift to myself, I review some a sequence … Continue reading

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Euro Update (19): Bruegel on Banking and Sovereign Debt

I’ve decided to take a break, but as if to taunt me it seems people have decided to write more interesting things… More on that break later. For now I’d like to bring your attention to a group of articles … Continue reading

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Controlling the Economy: Discourse and Reality

I must admit that the discussion by Mr Munchau of the recent developments in the ongoing debate about European competitiveness struck a chord with me. As I said previously, it wasn’t because I agree that “to think that Europe can … Continue reading

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A € for your Thoughts (3): Mr Bini Smaghi on European Fiscal Union

Mr Bini Smaghi gave a speech in Hall, Germany, on February 14. His St. Valentines gift to Europe is interesting and much more complicated than this comment from the FT’s money supply leads us to believe. Honestly, I am not … Continue reading

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Euro Update (16): Mario Monti and the feckless Franco-German Pact for Competitiveness

From left to right, the last panel at yesterday’s Policy Network “What future for Europe?” event was a gathering of eminences. Sitting in a row, Nadia Calvino, Lazlo Andor, Vince Cable, Peter Mandelson, Mario Monti and Dieter Helm took their … Continue reading

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