British Eurosceptics want the UK to leave the EU

On my way home last night I came across this headline while reading the Evening Standard: “Tory Right frustrated at David Cameron’s ‘soft line’ on EU“.
“Oddly” enough, today the Daily Express decided to take an editorial position crusading for the UK to leave the EU.

This position from the Daily Express does not strike me as particularly surprising. In fact I have had the opportunity to consider this issue in the past on 3 different occasions (here, here, and here) and I wasn’t particularly impressed with the tone of the debate. There are many sectors of European society, particularly so in Britain, where the EU is still looked at with suspicion. For this group of people European integration is a power grab by parasitic foreigners and by inefficient, unaccountable and distant bureaucracies.  There are two aspects to this question. One point is to consider whether these criticisms are confirmed by hard data or whether they are unjustifiable prejudices. The other is to consider the consequences of leaving the EU. Il’ll try to cover both as quickly and consisely as possible in the next couple of posts.

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