European Interdependences: a new series of posts

When I argue about European Integration, I tend to
emphasize the fact that it happens as the result of
interdependences,rather than because of “kumbaya”-like fraternal
love.. If you are a European studies buff: yes, it means that I am
very influenced by Moravcsik in terms of theories of integration. I
do believe that the EU is just a very developed form of
intergovernmental cooperation, which on certain issues spills over
into actual delegation. Generally, when I refer to
interdependences, I mean the idea that we all own things in each
other’s countries, we all buy from each other’s countries, we all
invest in each other and we all lend to each other. That’s all
easier said than proved, which has always ticked me off.
Interdependences is the type of word everyone throws around and
not so many prove it. So I Figured I’d start doing that. As a
result, I’m starting a new series of posts, “European
Interdependeces”, where I’ll try to explore the nature and size of
these forms of European ties. The first post will refer to Banking.
After that I’ll focus on trade, FDI flows, cross stock ownership, cross public debt ownership and whatever else
I can get my hands on.

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