Things that caught my eye: A Resignation, a Toothless Watchdog, EU Raw Materials strategy, CFSP and a Great Carbon Theft

I really don’t like doing this, but I truly am too busy to elaborate on any of these items. Moreover, the majority of them speak for themselves. As such, I hope you’ll forgive me for simply being an intermediary, rather than part of your news digestive system. 😉

  1. Cowen names election date
  2. Europe’s Risk Watchdog May Prove Toothless in Prevention
  3. EU’s natural resources ‘being wasted’
  4. Member states clash over raw materials
  5. EU intelligence services opening up to collaboration
  6. The battle for influence in the EU’s diplomatic service
  7. Great carbon theft may have netted €28m of permits

Many kudos to European Voice, who overwhelmingly contributes to this post. Finally, I would just like to add some emphasis to the rare Earth article. This is a “big deal” industry, with enormous repercussions to our well being. Not only does it contribute to building parts to laptops and smartphones, components based on similar technology are also used in missiles and fighter jets. Disputes in this field really do matter.

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