The muddled Hungarian Presidency (2) : The warning from Brussels

So apparently the European Commission is not very happy with Hungary. No news there. The revelation comes in the shape of its discontent. Most people have fretted about the fact that the body that the Hungarian government will create will be packed with partisans, who will most likely suffocate any criticism to the government. This is a great and valid concern about freedom of speech and of information. However, it seems that despite 3 old dictatorships and about 8 ex-soviet states, no one in the EU, had thought of passing some form of EU legislation forbidding this blatant form of media suppression, so there’s nothing that that the EU can do about that. May be we can think about this now…

However, it can protest the provisions it sees as discriminating other European, non-Hungarian media. That’s what Mrs Kroes letter was mostly about.

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