Burden sharing and American support of the EU

Another interesting player supporting the EU is the USA. According to this report by theparliament, the UK was urged to rule out any chance of leaving the EU by the US ambassador. This might surprise some, but it makes sense. Most people’s most recent memory of Obama and the EU in the same sentence will probably be related to the infamous EU-USA Madrid summit that never happened, supposedly because of scheduling conflicts, most likely because it was a photo op and there wasn’t anything to discuss. This was enough to sparkle a whiny debate on how Obama didn’t love Europe enough. Buhuhu… ;(

However, if you listen to the man, you’ll understand that in general he is in favour of a stronger Europe, because it will be a stronger partner, not a competitor, and more importantly, not a source of expenditure. As he said it in this April 3, 2009 press joint conference with Sarkozy,  “We want strong allies. We would like to see Europe have much more robust defence capabilities. That’s not something that we discourage. We are not looking to be the patron of Europe. We are looking to be partners with Europe”

The partnership has to be strong. As Joe Biden said to the European parliament in May 2010: “We’ve disagreed before, we’ll surely disagree again,” said Biden. “But I’m equally convinced that the United States and Europe can meet the challenges of the 21st century. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

Nonetheless it must have hurt the pride of the ambassador’s British interlocutors. Buhuhu… ;(

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