A very brief note on corporate mobility

I read this great piece by the Economist and almost peed myself with laughter!

It’s an interesting piece for two reasons. First because it describes a real scientific concern about the mobility of corporations which makes a lot of different in policy terms. The idea is that because corporations are more mobile, they can set up shop anywhere. This would impose a race to the bottom, where countries try to outdo each other in attracting corporations by charging lower taxes. This should be particularly true of financial corporations.

Secondly, it’s hilarious! The irony of it all is just great! Banks are greedy, as they should. But until computers can do all the job, it’s still a human business, and that little fact makes all the difference. I love the fact that the article focuses on the fact that hyper active traders are bored in a beautiful country. Talk about a spoiled short attention spam…

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