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A very brief note on corporate mobility

I read this great piece by the Economist and almost peed myself with laughter! It’s an interesting piece for two reasons. First because it describes a real scientific concern about the mobility of corporations which makes a lot of different … Continue reading

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Controlling the Economy: Discourse and Reality

I must admit that the discussion by Mr Munchau of the recent developments in the ongoing debate about European competitiveness struck a chord with me. As I said previously, it wasn’t because I agree that “to think that Europe can … Continue reading

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A € for your thoughts(4): Verhofstadt, Delors and Prodi on the Pact for Competitiveness

Although this will be a short post it is a most momentous one, as it refers to an article by an assembly of European dignitaries and published (yet again) in the Financial times, one of the most widely read European … Continue reading

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