Parliamentary Election Surveys in Portugal

With many thanks to Marktest for making this publically available.

There are some interestingly consistent discrepancies between surveyors… Nonetheless, we can see that most surveys have the opposition PSD loosing ground to the PS in recent days. Given the state of the country, this is an indictment of the poor campaigning skills of the PSD and a glorification of the political marketing introduced by Socrates’ PS. Possible outcomes: No one will have a clear majority. Therefore if the PS wins it is stuck with the PSD, given that the BE and the CDU have disavowed any IMF cooperation as kneeling to foreign intervention. If the PSD wins, then it can pick its choice. Naturally it would go towards the CDS/PP, but it has already agreed in principle to a grand coalition with the PS, on the condition that Socrates leaves.

Que sera, sera…

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