Week Ahead Calendar: 20/01/2012 to 27/01/2012 – Schedules and Hopes

Please find below a list of the eventful days ahead. The main sources are Unicredit’s Weekly Focus, Forex Trading weekly calendar, the EU’s national issuance calendar and many others,  all of which I advise you to consult directly. I found Unicredit’s to be the most complete and accurate freely available one, so I present it to you below (many thanks to them and specially to Nikolaus Kei for compiling this) .

The main events are the Ifo confidence index for Germany and  the first report of the forecasts of the members of the board of the Federal Reserve System on Wednesday, and the release of EMU’s bank lending data on Friday. On the European front there’s some hope that the balance sheet expansion of the ECB at the end of December will start bearing fruits. The hope is that more liquid banks will start lending and that the devalued Euro will boost exports and raise German business confidence, boosted also by Asian growth. The Fed’s forecasts will provide sufficient transparency to smooth economic adjustments and decrease macroeconomic volatily, uncertainty and hopefully allow banks to lend more and companies to start hiring.

Although the Economic and Financial Affairs meeting of the Council of the EU on Wednesday is worthy of mention, aside from recriminations pointed at S&P, statements of confidence in the solvency of the EU, as a whole and of its parts and some Hungarian euphemisms for economic confusion, I do not expect much to happen in the way of news.

On a related topic, these are the planned sovereign debt auctions for the week:

Monday, January 23:

Tuesday, January 24:



Have a good week!

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