Weekly Bond Yield developments in the Euro Area (W5.2012): Council Decisions, PSI Deal & Statistics

The past week was relatively calm with the exception of Portugal and Greece, which dominated economic and financial news. Some apparent relief might have come from

  • Meeting of the Council of Ministers of the EU held on Monday,
  • The Greek PSI deal reached the same day
  • An hypothetical intervention of the ECB

This may have helped to calm financial markets, including Portugal, despite of the media frenzy. Here are your sovereign bond fluctuations of the week:

As can be seen, the vast majority of sovereigns enjoyed a fall in yeilds, probably associated with a decrease in risk perception following the events of Monday.

Moreover, the week was filled with relatively good news, in economic and financial terms:

I’m sure many more interesting things happened. You might be interested in checking the EU Blogging Portal’s “The Week in Bloggingportal” as well as the blogroll itself.

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