Week ahead Calendar: 13/02/2012 to 17/02/2012 – GDP figures and Spanish & Italian auctions

Once again, please find below a list of the eventful days ahead. The main sources are Unicredit’s Weekly FocusForex Trading weekly calendar, the EU’s general calendar, the EU’s national issuance calendar and many others,  all of which I advise you to consult directly. I found Unicredit’s to be the most complete and accurate freely available one, so I present it to you below (many thanks to them and specially to Nikolaus Kei for compiling this). Look out for:

  • Data  reports, particularly GDP on Wednesday and BoP on Friday
  • Further details of ECB assistance to Greece
  • Italian and Spanish vond auctions

This week I will be on the lookout for speeches or decisions from either the ECB, the EFSF or national governments, in relation to the statement made by Mr Draghi at the end of his press conference on Thursday. I will also be keeping an eye out for how markets will react to the Eurostat estimates of industrial production out on Monday, the flash estimates of GDP for Q42011 out on Wednesday and to the Balance of Payment figures out on Friday . Finally, it will be interesting to see how Italy and Spain perform in their sovereign debt auctions, in light of recent developments in their banking sectors and of the treatment bestowed on Greece.

Monday, February 13:

Tuesday, February 14:

Wednesday, February 15

Thursday, February 16

Otherwise, just keep checking the news and the blogosphere.

Have a good week!

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