Week ahead Calendar – 05/03/2012 to 09/03/2012: A calm week ahead – ECB decisions and ISDA

Once again, please find below a list of the eventful days ahead. The main sources are Unicredit’s Weekly FocusForex Trading weekly calendar, the EU’s general calendar, the EU’s national issuance calendar and many others,  all of which I advise you to consult directly. I found Unicredit’s to be the most complete and accurate freely available one, so I present it to you below (many thanks to them and specially to Nikolaus Kei for compiling this). For once, there’s very little to look forward to next week.

While there are some interesting data releases, they seem unlikely to add a lot of information. The most important event will be the ECB governing council meeting, where monetary policy makers are likely to hold the MRO at 1%. Moreover, I find it unlikely that the ISDA would trigger CDS payments by claiming that a credit event has taken place in Greece. To put it in rather cynical terms, I believe that the ECB (directly or indirectly) laid out the law of the land in early December 2011 and everyone, from governments to finance, has been toeing the line dictated from Frankfurt since then. As such, I find it extremely unlikely that the ISDA would behave inconveniently. As the calendar below shows, there are no interesting government bond auctions from the periphery, scheduled for the coming week. So the week ahead should be calm; expect plenty of hyperbolisms about irrelant stories or for the media industry to start focusing much more on what is going on in Syria.

Here is the debt auction calendar for the week ahead.

Monday, 05/03/2012:

Tuesday, 06/03/2012

Wednesday, 07/03/2012

Thursday, 08/03/2012

Otherwise, just keep checking the news and the blogosphere. For the bond auctions’ results, I recommend that you keep an eye on MNINews and RTTNews.

Have a good week!


Previous Weeks:

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