Coming up: Economic Data, Political Meetings, Sovereign Debt Auctions & Elections

Please find below 5 tables with information about the relevant events coming our way. The first 2 tables shows the calendar of 2012Q2 scheduled sovereign debt (bonds &bills) auctions, as provided by provided by the Sub-Committee on EU Sovereign Debt Markets of the Economic and Financial Committee of the EU ( an assembly “of senior officials from national administrations and central banks, the ECB and the Commission”). The third table shows sovereign debt auctions for the next ten days, as provided by the Research division of the Belgian bank KBC. The fourth table is taken from Unicredit/HVB and summarises the schedule of data releases and other relevant (political) events for the coming week. The last table lists the upcoming elections and other plesbicites in Europe during the remaining of 2012, as provided for by the IFES Election Guide.

KBC and Unicredit provide insightful analysis and regular (weekly if not more regular) updates. They are publicly available and I recommend them.

Keep an eye out for ECB meetings and for those Spanish, Italian, Belgian, French, Portuguese and Greek auctions. Also lookout for elections in systemically important countries, either because they set the agenda, because they have veto powers and/or because they are likely to create instability.

Quarterly European Sovereign Debt issuances – 2012Q2

KBC Weekly Government Bond Auction Calendar

Major Data Releases & Economic Events To Look At Next Week

Election Calendar

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