Elections in May – Greece & France

A week away from the French and Greek polls, what is it looking like? Very similar to previous observations…

Stable Fractionalisation in Greece

By the looks of it we are in a relatively similar position than we were two weeks ago when the election data first emerged. PASOK has gone up a little, New Democracy has gone down a little and the rest has stood still, while uncertains (the grey ones) has gone down. This implies that the next government of Greece will be a great big mess of a coalition of parties lead by people who really do not get along… Great day for democracy! Hopefully not too bad a day for stability.

France – Confident Margin for Hollande

In France the same observation applies: Hollande has been able to maintain his lead of Sarkozy.

For me, the fascinating thing has been to see how Hollande has apparently been able to affect the discourse in European politics. But that’s a topic for another post…

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