Introducing the “Visions of the Political Future of Europe” Series

Some of the posts on this website try to offer rather technical economic and political descriptions of the dynamics driving political economies. Others have attempted to provide a review of recent events. There have been scenario analyses, quantified scenario analysis, event forecasts of the timing of crises and election calendars. This post does none of the above.

For some time, probably since I started this website, I have been trying to discern where European integration will take its next step. However, I have only managed to find very general insights, interesting though they might.

Sometimes, you need to take a step back to see the forest for the trees and so I propose to do this by taking a look at a number of contributions from European leaders and commentators to discern some pattern of discourse that may inform me better. In a sense it’s a form of brainstorming, where I’m storming their brains.

I won’t stop everything else I am doing, but will attempt to focus some energies on this matter. For now, I can foresee posts on recent comments by Mario Draghi, Durao Barroso, the German Constitutional Court, Barry Eichengreen and Guy Verhofstadt. Hopefully, other contributions will emerge. Either way, the hope is that by reviewing their views, the path ahead will eventually become a little bit clearer. That matters because right now I’m having some trouble to disentangle the various dimensions of fiscal union. Let’s hope they can help…

Stay tuned!

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