Coming up: A story about a little bit of History…

So… In case you are a regular reader of this blog and are disappointed at the scarcity of posts since May, or even since before that, I must apologise for the fact and excuse the inexistent posting by the fact that my job’s been taking all my time. But to leave it at that is rather incomplete, so let me elaborate a little.

The truth is that I’ve been (very slowly) building a section that attempts to capture European history in images. These often include maps, paintings, statues and photos. As always, I’ve probably tried to chew more than I should and have gone to the trouble of trying to find images alluding to what I idiosyncratically believe to be the most important moments in European history, going all the way back to the Minoans. Modern history is relatively easy, if for no reason than that I have a good grasp of events since the French revolution. Ancient history is also pretty good up until the crisis of the second century. However, I’ve realised that my knowledge of the middle ages, particularly the period between the two migration waves is very patchy at best… Moreover, once the Roman Empire collapses I’m left with way too many states and statelets all facing different events and developments, making the disentanglement of common trends, topics and countries somewhat time consuming. So althought that section is not meant to be a complete overview, it’s taking me some time to finish. Of course I thought I should have some legends on the pictures and this has increased the effort even more…

Nevertheless, it has been a fascinating, if naturally amateurish, enterprise. I have particularly enjoyed clarifying a number of issues, pertaining to the rise and fall of Rome, its immediate aftermath and how this defined Europe for the next millenium (and a half?). I found myself adding pictures of the bust of every emperor I came across, which ultimately was neither helpful nor concise. Because being selective was important, I needed to actually spend some time dissecting the main drivers, events and issues during that most idealised period of western history to reach a satisfactorily robust (albeit amateurish and informal) conclusion that would narrow the images I ought to look for. In the process I took some notes, to help me keep track of what I was coming across, which I have decided to organise edit and post as two separate articles on what little insight I’ve gained into the two momentous transitions from Republic to Empire and from Empire to Collapse. I mention this sequence of events because the publication of those two articles, interesting though they may be, falls completely outside the remit I gave myself for this website. However, wanting to not be haunted by the time I spent investigating this topic while at the same time not wanting to completely set it aside, I decided it would be best for my peace of mind to have it here so that I could move on to other issues.

Thank you very much, for bothering to read this far and I hope you do enjoy the post and the images once I do get around to publishing everything. Perhaps you’ll be able to enjoy it by the time you return from your Summer holidays.



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