Coming back: Some changes and the promise of regular posts

Dear reader,

My apologies; I’ve been quiet for too long. If you are a regular reader of this website you are entitled to be rightly ticked off and legitimate in having all but written me and this website off. Here’s to hoping you haven’t, even if this is not the first of these posts I’ve written.

First, an explanation: Because I’m doing a PhD and working at the same time, the attention this website has received has suffered from inattention. Moreover, I’ve pretty much been focusing on the Roman Empire posts and the page on “Europe’s Path” whenever I login to the website, 2 endeavours which are particularly close to my heart, but that you may not feel quite as impressed with. Nevertheless there you are… (even if increasingly fewer of you if my “sitestats” are anything to go by)

Anyway, I’ve decided to shake things up a little. Mostly I’ve decided to change how I do things and distribute the stuff I write. So I’ll continue to post topical economic and political material here, but I will shift the most heavy economics and politics material here. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but will take care of it soon.  I also promise to update the website at least once a week, to make it worth your while to keep coming back. As a matter of fact I even promise I’ll make sure to do this on Fridays (at least for now). And I promise it won’t be about Roman Empire stuff. I’ll do that in my own time beyond the promised Friday materials.

As a result, I hope that this page will return to its initial objective, which was for me to use as a place to bounce some ideas and reflect on European Integration, global economics and geopolitics, with some musings that others may otherwise also find interesting. I’m sure it’ll end up being mostly reflection on the latest article I read. As to the rest, heavier macroeconomics, political economy, statistics and econometrics, I’ll make sure to post them on a more appropriate forum, where I can show off my matlab skills. I’ll make sure to put up some link directing you there once all is set up  😉

More to follow soon…

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2 Responses to Coming back: Some changes and the promise of regular posts

  1. About time! You have not been forgotten, regards ‘MoreLiver’

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