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Two and a half years ago now, more or less, Bruegel published an interesting and inaugural blog post by Jérémie Cohen-Setton, Martin Kessler and Shahin Vallée titled “Europeans can’t blog”. Following a post from , their point was that European bloggers

“use hyperlinks far less than their American counterparts or do it and in a way that doesn’t create two-way debate. In brief, Europe has bloggers, but no blogosphere: it lacks a living ecosystem to exchange and debate.”

Moreover, the Bruegel authors argued that

  • Most blogs remain targetted at a national rather than European audience.
  • Europeans don’t have a debating culture. Most blogs disseminate information, rather than engage in debate.

At the time I was honestly very flattered because this blog was mentioned among many other illustrious names, but ultimately I have to agree with the points of those authors.

So in their spirit, and because I am keen to engage in more debate and publish more regularly, I will try to write more debating posts, commenting on or suggesting comments to other bloggers. Not only is it interactive and engaging, which is a good idea but it also makes my life easier, which is a welcomed development. Also it forces me to read what other European bloggers are writing about, which honestly I’ve fallen out of the habit of doing. Finally, it gives me an excuse to revive the short-lived “A € for your thoughts” category, which I haven’t used in ages.

So that’s it. Nothing more for now. But I guess you know what to expect from me this Friday.

Until then,


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