ECB reports

If you are a regular reader of this website, you’ll know I have been struggling to juggle all the tasks I have given myself. As a result, this website and its maintenance has suffered. I have made many promises (mainly to myself…) about keeping up with events and writing about this and that, which I have miserably failed to fulfil. As a result, I’ve fallen a little bit behind events and the relevance of this website may have suffered. That is unfortunate and it has forced me to think of ways that I can deal with this problem, keeping in mind that I will continue to juggle at least another two jobs and one PhD.

Efficiency seems to be the name of the game… so here’s the compromise I have found: Quarterly reports.

To begin with there will only be one about monetary developments in the Euro-Zone, namely about the ECB’s balance sheet and its financial intervention. If this works, I would hope to build and add other variables, such as ECB rates, interbank market rates and reserves. I’ll archive these in the appropriate ECB Watch pages of the European Political Economy Network of this website.

I am making no promises, but my hope is to be able to publish one such ECB-centered post/report on the last Friday of every quarter (so for 2015Q2 on 26/06/2015). Let’s see if anything comes of it… Fingers crossed!

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