Military, Civil Administration, Taxes, Politics and Economics of the Roman Republic and Empire

The evolution of the Roman republic and later of the Roman empire is interesting because of the interplay between social, military and poltical dimensions as the drivers of change. To that extent, this post is probably best understood in the context of the other two on the rise and fall of the Roman republic and on the fall of the Roman empire. To that effect, it recaps the political and economic insights described in those two posts and adds some further facts I stumble across while reading about Roman antiquity.
The post is divided in 5 sections that discuss the main issues I was interested in:

  • The military structure of Rome
  • The Civil Administration
  • Taxation
  • Political Stability
  • Economic structure

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Sources for the Roman Empire

While writing the recent posts on the rise and fall of the Roman Empire I made use of a vast array of sources that I believe I should list below for my own sake and for that of others potentially interested in following a similar line of inquiry. The sources are divided in 2 categories: Primary sources and Secondary Sources (articles and books). I have added some general comments on my opinion of each source and some of the uses I made of them.

Primary Sources

Secondary Sources – Articles

Secondary Sources -Books

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Holocaust Memorial Day – Never Forget

On this day 70 years ago, Soviet troops liberated the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps in present-day Poland. The scale of death and human destruction they found there was not lost to these men, even though they had been fighting on the most violent front of the most violent war in the history of mankind for 3 years.

Today we remember and hope it may never happens again.

Some sources of testimonials from survivors and related articles:

I also personally recommend the following:

Kristallnacht 08-09.11.1938

File:Ebensee concentration camp prisoners 1945.jpg

File:Buchenwald Corpses 07511.jpg

… and yet we know if continued to happen elsewhere, such as Rwanda and Cambodia.

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A New Phase in Euro-Zone Crisis – Zero Coupon Perpetuities for Greece?

I don’t have an enormous amount of time to consider the implications of the Greek election yesterday in a tremendous amount of detail. So the following are my thoughts, disorganised and potentially incoherent.

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Je Suis Charlie

All the cartoons they don’t like. Because freedom of expression, that’s why!

If you think they had it coming you are one of those people who thinks women (or any other minority for that sake) deserve to be raped (or suffer any other form of abuse) because of the way they dress, what they say or of the way they act, which, let’s be honest, is just plain ignorant!

Now let’s wait for the right-wing extremists to capitalise on this for their xenophobic agenda

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