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Euro-Update(29): November 2011 Roundup

November has been a very busy month. In this post I propose to go through the political and economic news over the last 23 days. The figure below superimposes the relevant economic and political events on the movements of the … Continue reading

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Could Bini Smaghi’s resignation be a condition for French support of Italian Bailout?

After much discussion on the sidelines of the Euro-zone sovereign debt crisis, the Italian member of the ECB’s Executive Board, Lorenzo Bini Smaghi has resigned his position, finally opening the way for another French executive. This has been a long … Continue reading

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Thank you Mr Bini Smaghi, but Fiscal Federalism is not Centralisation…

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Mr Lorenzo Bini Smaghi recently gave a speech where he addressed the issue of European Fiscal Union, at length. That post gave a pure report of the speech and made no efforts to … Continue reading

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A € for your Thoughts (3): Mr Bini Smaghi on European Fiscal Union

Mr Bini Smaghi gave a speech in Hall, Germany, on February 14. His St. Valentines gift to Europe is interesting and much more complicated than this comment from the FT’s money supply leads us to believe. Honestly, I am not … Continue reading

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