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Accommodating the ECB and the Democratic Costs of Intergovernmentalism

This post offers a short note clarifying the dynamics of the asymmetric relationship between the ECB and the governments of the Euro-area, its disparity with the USA and the UK and how this explains the lip service that is being … Continue reading

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Thank you Mr Bini Smaghi, but Fiscal Federalism is not Centralisation…

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Mr Lorenzo Bini Smaghi recently gave a speech where he addressed the issue of European Fiscal Union, at length. That post gave a pure report of the speech and made no efforts to … Continue reading

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Evaluating the Criticisms against the EU

This entry was originally posted in 2010, before the financial crisis. While the argument still holds for EU member states that are not members of the Euro-Zone, for EZ member states, the discussion ought to be more nuanced because the … Continue reading

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