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On Fiscal Multipliers – General Case and The Eurozone

Although famous structural reforms are on the agenda of the growth debate, attention has returned to the benefits of counter-cyclical fiscal policy during a crisis. This post focuses on this issue, its mechanics and how it can best be pursued … Continue reading

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OCA Theory – Asymmetric shocks in the Euro-Zone, Long Term Structural Problems & the need for EU Fiscal Union

As growth has found its way back on the discourse of the Euro-Zone sovereign debt crisis, I take the opportunity to briefly describe the simple model in the back of most (decent) economists discussing the long term structural problems underlying … Continue reading

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Why Germans should support the Euro: TIBA, not TINA

I wish I had thought of writing this a long time ago, but unfortunately I did not. Hopefully this post will go some way towards providing a long overdue argument for the benefits of EMU membership to Germany. What I … Continue reading

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Greek default and exit from the Euro-Zone: Is it a Good or Bad idea?

Since the beginning of the Euro-Zone sovereign debt crisis, talk about the pros and cons of a Greek default and of a Greek exit have been abundant. Economists Nouriel Roubini Rogoff and Feldstein are some of the most prominent standard … Continue reading

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