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Considerations About the Greek Crisis: Bad Media, Amateur Greeks, Lazy Creditors and Geopolitical Fears

Watching the diplomatic and financial downwards spiral regarding the debt crisis in Greece, I am not particularly impressed or comforted by the skills of politicians or economists on both sides of the isle, or about the media. The inability of … Continue reading

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American & Russian pressures build momentum towards a European army

Every-so-often, discussions emerge regarding the need of establishing a European army. This is an idea as old as post-WWII European integration and the European Defence Community proposed in 1952 that died with the 1954 veto of the European Political Community. Beyond the … Continue reading

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Euro-Zone Sovereign Debt Crisis Scenario Analysis – Quantifying Scenarios’ Risk

This post is based on a previous attempt to peek into the future. Having discussed the economic, political and social risks before EU Member States, as well as their consequences, I now turn my attention to the probabilistic quantification of … Continue reading

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