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Finding the relevant sources and references is not always easy, so I thought it might be useful to me, and to other people, if I were to collect, list and link the main references that influenced me over the years. This page is not a definitive or complete list of links, but it is a useful place to start looking for. It is rather long and to be fair I have not read every single one of these books completely. Although I have tried to organise it according to some logic, it is still mostly a collection of references that at one point or another I came across, so I apologize if it seems a bit messy.

In the following lines you will find a selective list of references for European Integration, Politics and Economics. Each topic is organised into Manuals/Books and Articles. EU is divided into Politics, Economics and Miscellaneous Topics. POLITICS is divided into Political Theory and Political Economy. ECONOMICS is divided into Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Fiscal Multipliers and Econometrics.



EU – Politics Manuals


EU – Economics


Miscellaneous European Topics

EFSF/EFSM and ESM – Some literature on the European Monetary Fund hypothesis

Breaking up the Euro Area


Towards a Fiscal and stronger Political Union



Political Theory

Political Economy
Books & Manuals

Articles – General

Articles – Reform and Delay

Articles – Data, Parameter and Model Uncertainty in Policy Design

Articles – Fiscal Policy Making

Public Opinion and Identity

Elections, Parties and Voters




General Equilibrium and Other

Market Imperfections


Articles – Growth

Articles: Fluctuations

International Economics


Articles: Monetary Policy and Finance

Articles: Fiscal Policy – Institutions

Articles: Fiscal Multipliers – Surveys, Discussions and Miscellanea

Articles: Fiscal Multipliers – Theory – Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) Approach

Articles: Fiscal Multipliers – Estimation – Natural Experiment Approach

Articles: Fiscal Multipliers – Estimation – Structural Vector Autoregression Approach




Roman Empire – Articles/Books

Roman Empire – Data Sources


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