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Euro-zone Update (3): Greece loan extension, the creation of the European Systemic Risk Board

Since May commentators have been seriously concerned about the solvency of Greece in 2013/14 once the Euro-zone loan runs out. This led to the inevitable question as to what the use of that facility is, if all it does is … Continue reading

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Euro-zone Update (2): European Stability Mechanism and Collective Action Clauses

Bloomberg announces today that the EU has reached an agreement on that thorny issue. Here is the announcement by the Eco-Fin Council of the EU, corroborating that report. The Economic and Financial affairs Council statement reads as such: “Rules will … Continue reading

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Evaluating the Criticisms against the EU

The criticisms to European integration can be categorized into 3 accusations: Bureaucratic Inefficiency, Democratic Deficit and Policy Inefficiency. If all else fails, Nationalism tends to be the excuse of choice of one who simply does not like change. Nonetheless, those … Continue reading

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Euro-zone Update(1): EFSF Reform, Size and the Causes of Recent Turbulence

In the spirit of this post, and as the first entry to this blog’s “Eurozone Update”, I call the reader’s attention to this post by Jean Quatremer, where he describes the French and the German positions on the details of … Continue reading

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Euro-zone Updates

It should be said that I am very interested in the functioning and in the recent developments of the Euro-zone, and most recently with EFSF which I have followed from the moment of its inception (here, here, here, in a … Continue reading

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British Eurosceptics want the UK to leave the EU

On my way home last night I came across this headline while reading the Evening Standard: “Tory Right frustrated at David Cameron’s ‘soft line’ on EU“. “Oddly” enough, today the Daily Express decided to take an editorial position crusading for … Continue reading

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European Integration (3): Crowding out comprehensive European integration

Looking back at the first few posts on this blog, it seems that before highlighting any news I have ended up spending some time describing the process of European integration and its consequences.  I think this happened because of the … Continue reading

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