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The week ahead – 25.09.2012 – 05.10.2012

Here are the events for the coming week, with many thanks to Unicredit and to KBC, where you can find plenty of research, reviews of past events, and forecasts. There will be PMIs a-plenty to scare markets after the Spanish … Continue reading

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Will Catalonia Become Independent Soon?

My answer to the question is no. Eventually I think it will, but not soon. Here’s why:

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Visions of the Political Future of Europe: Reviewing Draghi’s Opinion

This is the first in a series of posts about the future of Europe as envisaged by European leaders. It starts with the perspective offered by Mario Draghi, because it would appear to me that his was the first one … Continue reading

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Introducing the “Visions of the Political Future of Europe” Series

Some of the posts on this website try to offer rather technical economic and political descriptions of the dynamics driving political economies. Others have attempted to provide a review of recent events. There have been scenario analyses, quantified scenario analysis, … Continue reading

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Euro-Zone Banking Union: Coverage and Pace of Implementation

This post considers the present debate about the coverage of the Banking Union to be created in the Euro-Zone as well as the pace of its implementation. This coverage is contentious because it affects many established interests while attempting to … Continue reading

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ECB Market Intervention: Outright Monetary Transactions (“OMT”) – A Preliminary Assessment

Last Thursday, September 6th, the ECB introduced its new goverment bond purchasing programme, known as the Outright Monetary Transactions (“OMT”). If you are interested in getting the information from the lion’s mouth, you can watch the press conference here,read its transcript here and get the … Continue reading

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Moral Hazard: Labour Market & Insurance

“Moral Hazard” is a very fashionable concept that has been thrown around a lot since 2007/08 as a result of bad practices by bankers. It is also a common place in discussions of central Bank’s intervention, the Debt Monetisation risks … Continue reading

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