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Where you can find me these days

As expected, I have moved to fresher pastures. I have been the Economics Editor at sister publications NordSIP and Ekonamik since the beginning of January 2019 and want to invite you to check out our content. Both publications are focused … Continue reading

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On International Political Economy Equilibria – Introductory thoughts, Constraints and some Intuition

Analysts, particularly economists, like to think of the world as a system moving towards and around “stable equilibria”. While this is not necessarily always true and a lot of systems do behave as a random walk, the relative usefulness of equilibrum … Continue reading

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The Chinese Real Estate Bubble – National Accounts, Balance Sheet and (some) Evidence

I know that this is completely outside of the purview of this website. The only argument I can offer is that if and when China cools down it matters to everyone and thus, assuming that there’s no fallacy of division, … Continue reading

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Oil Market, Exposure to the Middle East & the Saudi Arabia-Iran-US axis

Given the ongoing straight of Hormuz crisis I thought it might be interesting gathering some information. The interest arises from the potential human and economic losses associated with any further escalation. Here I’ll focus on the economic aspect in the … Continue reading

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