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A note on the Feasibility ECB Quantitative Easing

Recent comments from the ECB about potential attempts to mitigate a decrease in inflation through QE have led to an increased interest in the articles posted on this website about the SMP and the CBPP. However, such interventions were pursued for different … Continue reading

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The European Banking Union Negotiations – Supervision

The banking union is a particularly important item in the long term reform agenda of the EU/Euro-Zone, and one that has often been neglected. In a crisis that is characterised by the linkages between public finances and the banking sectors, … Continue reading

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Balassa-Samuelson Effect

This post considers the famous and somewhat contentious issue of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), and the deviations from it explained by what is known as the Balassa-Samuelson Effect. In doing so it is hoped it will facilitate the understanding of … Continue reading

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Euro Update (14) – Persistence of the Status Quo

This week was rather bland in its eventfulness. It was eventful because of the ECB governing council meeting and because of the meeting of the Council of the EU. It was bland because nothing special came of it. Despite all … Continue reading

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Euro Update (12): Talking down inflation fears and rising momentum for expansion of EFSF

In a recent post I mentioned that inflation fears had led to an increase in the monetarily conservative tone of the rhetoric emanating from the ECB’s Frankfurt’s headquarters. According to media reports (e.g.:Bloomberg), these seem to have faded away as … Continue reading

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