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Probably “not-so-Socratic” conversations…

After almost 2.5 millenia, Socrates is still talking to the Athenians.Virtue seems to have shifted her favours, unfortunately.

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Some thoughts before a long break

Due to personal reasons, I will not post on this for the next three months or so. I really enjoy writing this blog and am sure to return to it as soon as possible. It is like a diary to … Continue reading

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Euro Update (20): Portugal’s next debt auction and the futility of repurchases

I thought I had made such a big fuss out of the fact that Portugal hadn’t posted the date of its previous (syndicated) debt auction that I should be fair and report that it has actually announced the debt auction … Continue reading

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Euro Update (19): Bruegel on Banking and Sovereign Debt

I’ve decided to take a break, but as if to taunt me it seems people have decided to write more interesting things… More on that break later. For now I’d like to bring your attention to a group of articles … Continue reading

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Jp¥-€-US$-Cn¥ monetary axis

Barry Eichengreen has recently published a book called “The Exorbitant Priviledge“, about the rise and fall of the US$’s priviledged role in world economic affairs, its coming fall from grace and what it means to the USA and to the … Continue reading

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A € for your thoughts(5): Barry Eichengreen on European Banks and sovereign crisis

In this interview to Der Spiegel, he also mentions the US economy, and how he fears that 2012 will be to the US what 2010 was for Europe. However the part that interests me is the beginning, where he analyses … Continue reading

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A note on the German Elections in March

I had a look around for the parliamentary situation in the German upper chamber, the Bundesrat, and realised, that if in the next month, the SPD manages to hold on to its majority in Rhineland Palatinate, and win in a … Continue reading

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