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The muddled Hungarian Presidency (2) : The warning from Brussels

So apparently the European Commission is not very happy with Hungary. No news there. The revelation comes in the shape of its discontent. Most people have fretted about the fact that the body that the Hungarian government will create will … Continue reading

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Euro Update (12): Talking down inflation fears and rising momentum for expansion of EFSF

In a recent post I mentioned that inflation fears had led to an increase in the monetarily conservative tone of the rhetoric emanating from the ECB’s Frankfurt’s headquarters. According to media reports (e.g.:Bloomberg), these seem to have faded away as … Continue reading

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Things that caught my eye: A Resignation, a Toothless Watchdog, EU Raw Materials strategy, CFSP and a Great Carbon Theft

I really don’t like doing this, but I truly am too busy to elaborate on any of these items. Moreover, the majority of them speak for themselves. As such, I hope you’ll forgive me for simply being an intermediary, rather … Continue reading

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Euro Update (11)- Expanding the EFSF, Inflation and Berlusconi

Contrarily to what this post’s title might imply, since the Portuguese debt auction a little more than a week ago, not much of significance has happened in Europe. A look at the main websites focused on reporting EU news, shows … Continue reading

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A € for your Thoughts(2): Joschka Fischer and Krugman

This has been a very federalist beginning of the week. First off,  Joschka Fischer, the leader of the rapidly growing German Greens, has argued  (EUobserver and The Parliament)in a politically convincing manner in favour of a federal Europe, with more … Continue reading

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Euro Update (10) – Portugal not to be bailed out, yet

Portugal concluded its debt auction for a value of €3.6 Billion (€1.708B maturing in 2014 at a 5.449% interest rate + €1.892 maturing in 2020, at a 6.67% interest rate). Given that the EU-IMF bail out was being planned for … Continue reading

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Euro Update (9) – Portuguese rescue immediacy precipitated by week-end political bickering

On the eve of Portugal’s request that the markets be so kind as to lend it €2 Billion,  Bloomberg, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and even Der Spiegel all seem to agree that Portugal is due to get … Continue reading

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