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The German Government will Collapse before the Scheduled 2013 Election

I should begin by apologising for not having posted in a long time. The paucity of posts will continue during the month of September, at the end of which it should end, as I hope to resume timely posting. Until … Continue reading

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Austerity, Demand destruction, Bank of America Crashing and Giffen Treasuries

Bloomberg TV is talking about demand destruction (Stiglitz agrees) and the ongoing crash of BoA, following the S&P downgrade. As stocks crash and sovereign yields improve, all we can say is that treasuries seem to behave as Giffen goods.

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Weekly Bond Yield developments in the Euro Area (W31.2011): Interdependences, Communication and (still) a Differentiated Periphery + a sneak of tomorrow

This has been an extremely turbulent week. It began with the USA debt ceiling agreement and ended with slightly higher than expected USA Non Farm Payrolls figures followed  by a credit rating downgrade of the USA, from AAA to AA+ … Continue reading

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