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A € for your thoughts (5): Cameron and EU & the general media on ECB Appointments

In the middle of the ongoing mess in the Eurozone, heads must be focused in finding a solution and until then doing as much damage control as possible. That means responsible governing and responsible reporting. This is not exactly what … Continue reading

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Euro Update (22): The Future of the Sovereign Debt Crisis

There’s so much talk of what “should be” done that I got confused. From all that I could gather, this is what the future of the sovereign debt crisis might look like.Call it a map of the future, if you … Continue reading

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Euro update (21): Round up of events in Q2

I am back from my break. In my 3 month blogging absence, Portugal, Japan, North Africa, the Middle East and Greece figured prominently on the news. The following is a fairly chronological list of the events. 1)The Portuguese government messed … Continue reading

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