Where you can find me these days

As expected, I have moved to fresher pastures. I have been the Economics Editor at sister publications NordSIP and Ekonamik since the beginning of January 2019 and want to invite you to check out our content.

Both publications are focused on the Nordic region. NordSIP is a sustainable investment platform focused on providing news and analytical insights about ESG integration, impact investing, green bond, sustainable regulation to asset managers and institutional investors.

Ekonamik is a macroeconomics, politics and financial news and analysis platform focused on a similar audience and is much more in the spirit of this website, although with slightly smaller pieces and broader coverage. We report on relevant developments across the globe and in the region and provide insightful analysis about the state of the world, its politics and markets. On a weekly basis, we conduct thematic market coverage focusing on a unique market segment, including equities and fixed income but also emerging and frontier markets, alternative investment opportunities, ETFs and real markets. We also interview asset managers here in the Nordics to provide market-based insights into what is happening and what the forthcoming concerns are.

I want to invite you to come check out our content. I have enjoyed writing it a lot and I think you will find it very interesting.

Should you have any questions or comments or in case you would otherwise like to get in touch, please feel free to email me at filipe@ekonamik.com.

Looking forward to seeing there!


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