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Introducing the “Visions of the Political Future of Europe” Series

Some of the posts on this website try to offer rather technical economic and political descriptions of the dynamics driving political economies. Others have attempted to provide a review of recent events. There have been scenario analyses, quantified scenario analysis, … Continue reading

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On Fiscal Multipliers – General Case and The Eurozone

Although famous structural reforms are on the agenda of the growth debate, attention has returned to the benefits of counter-cyclical fiscal policy during a crisis. This post focuses on this issue, its mechanics and how it can best be pursued … Continue reading

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Week ahead Calendar: 20/02/2012 to 24/02/2012: Greece, PSIs, Finance Ministers’ Meetings, Forecasts and Italian Debt Auctions

Once again, please find below a list of the eventful days ahead. The main sources are Unicredit’s Weekly Focus, Forex Trading weekly calendar, the EU’s general calendar, the EU’s national issuance calendar and many others,  all of which I advise you to consult directly. I found Unicredit’s … Continue reading

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Merkel and Sarkozy’s Letter to Van Rompuy laying out the Dec 5 Agreement

So I found the joint Franco-German press conference from December 5, at the website of the French Presidency (so in French) and confirmed (08:15 into the video) that the reporters did not misrepresent their statements. Merkel and Sarkozy had no … Continue reading

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Accommodating the ECB and the Democratic Costs of Intergovernmentalism

This post offers a short note clarifying the dynamics of the asymmetric relationship between the ECB and the governments of the Euro-area, its disparity with the USA and the UK and how this explains the lip service that is being … Continue reading

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The latest Franco-German Agreement: Is it enough?

So France and Germany reached what was hailed as yet another “comprehensive agreement” on the reform of the Eurozone fiscal policies. In my opinion this wasn’t that comprehensive an agreement. It was only the last of such several steps since … Continue reading

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Barroso’s Speech: European Orthodoxy, Legislative Proposals and Punching the Chinese

Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, gave a speech to the Konrad Adenhaur Foundation (video extracts/full transcript), on the state of the EU. I am not in the habit of following every speech made by EU leaders. There … Continue reading

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